Acclaimed British Artist, Mahtab Hussain is working on his on going photo series Muslims in America and is currently in LA until October 21st.

Responding to the poor visibility of Muslims in art and media in the USA, Mahtab’s project is a series of street portraits of Muslims, and a conversation with his sitters, about issues of Muslim experience, representation and presence. He sets out to discover new style and spirit, aiming to articulate new narratives of Muslim lives.

Mahtab began this project in Toronto, and New York, in fall 2021, the next chapter is in California and he is looking for willing participants to stand in front of his lens and visually represent whom we are.

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A short introduction by Mahtab Hussain about his project and practice.

Stephen Bulger Gallery
A recording of the Zoom lecture and discussion Mahtab has with Chris Boot and 5 of the sitters from the Muslims in Toronto series, recoded on November 30th, 2021.

What Do Artist Do All Day?
The prestigious BBC documentary following artist Mahtab Hussain, know for his portraits of working class Muslim men and women exploring masculinity, femininity and self-esteem.

Unexpected views: Mahtab Hussain on Moroni’s ‘Tailor’ | National Gallery
Artist Mahtab Hussain discusses the power of the sitter in Moroni’s ‘The Tailor’ and his own portraiture.

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If you would like to be part of the project, please fill out your details below indicating your availability for a portrait shoot. Mahtab will contact you directly and arrange a video call to talk though the details, please provide a mobile number in the message.
Please note Mahtab is in LA until October 21st 2022.

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“Mahtab Hussain is going beyond representing us, he is presenting us, unvarnished, with his unique lens, and in doing so he is stretching culture like few others.”
Riz Ahmed August 2021

Chris Boot is working with Mahtab as producer and editor, recruiting support and partners.