Autograph ABP – London

I met with Mark Sealy, Director of Autograph ABP after returning from Light Work last week.  We discussed at length my experience at Light Work and what the future holds for You Get Me? As I have mentioned before, Mark has been closely following my journey as an artist for the last 6 years, and has been championing my practice throughout. We spent time going through the prints I made at Light Work and discussing the possibilities of working together and I am delighted to announce You Get Me? will be exhibited as a main gallery show at Autograph ABP in 2016.

I am incredibly excited to collaborate with Mark on You Get Me? we now have roughly a year to get the book and show ready, there is lots of research to undertake, and I am starting right back at the beginning, the Salman Rushdie affair, it was was hugely significant for younger, second generation Muslims as they were forced to question their sense of belonging, no longer in terms of their ethnicity, but rather their religiosity. The debate moved from race to religion, and ultimately, to the unity of Islam. I cannot wait to start this research journey, for now he is an image of Autograph ABP, courtesy of