Burning Nails

Every now and then I have to do something really random for my work, and last week was no exception to the rule. We were soon going to print my first publication with Dewi Lewis in association with Multistory and I mentioned to John Mannion that I needed to burn some nails for the commission, the series researched the impact of a nail bomb which exploded outside Kanzul Iman mosque in Tipton, West Midlands and I wanted to include the nails in the sequence. These nails have been in my photography bag for over a year. I previously bent them in their desired shapes from photographic evidence sourced from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Until. I needed to burn the nails to resemble the real Buy Zolpidem thing, we ended up using a simple candle to achieve this. I am pleased with the final images, they look stunning. So a big shout out to John Mannion, Walker Blackwell and Trevor Clement for making this all happen so smoothly.

1. Pile of nails as Smart Object-1

19. Three nails

Three nails 2 as Smart Object-1