David Cameron’s speech on extremism and the strategy to tackle

David Cameron’s speech made me feel alienated, again. Islamist Extremist. British Values. Democracy. Had Cameron acknowledged that recent British foreign policy had led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, and had failed in almost all respects, he might have attempted to start the healing process so desperately needed in this country. Failure by those in power to concede that our foreign policy was erroneous in so many, explains why a tiny proportion of British Muslims feel they need to leave and fight along side Isis, who ironically, are the antithesis to the Islamic faith and its teachings.

I have connected with many young British Muslims through my work, and they all express a deep anger and resentment towards the British Government and its aggressive stance on foreign policy. With our political establishment steeped in prejudice, and the fact that everyday life for the majority of Muslims is testing in this country, it is hardly surprising that many feel forgotten by wider society. Add to this the countless articles and news pieces which relentlessly pound in the message that Muslims are the enemy, it makes me sad to come to terms with the fact that we are in this position. The UK is my home, but being told my native culture and religion is barbaric makes me feel isolated from British society and displaced. It is no wonder therefore that some youths turn to religion to find salvation, and worryingly, are easily taken advantage of via the use of videos and images on the internet. However, this sinister propaganda has given them a sense of purpose in the world which has failed them. Cameron, I think you need some new advisers.