East Side Projects – Birmingham Show

I was approached by Gavin Wade, Director of Eastside Projects to be an exhibiting artist in their upcoming group show titled Birmingham Show, an exhibition which is history and not history, connecting gaps, distances and potentials of artists who have lived, worked or studied within the city. Three key questions underpin the exhibition making – ‘What is the art of Birmingham?’ ‘Is there an accent to Birmingham’s art making?’ and ‘How is Birmingham useful for the production of art?’

I was intrigued, and during the meeting, Gavin proposed using wallpaper material and kindly offered their billboard which is situated at the font of the gallery. I exhibited 4 pieces of art work at the space.

The exhibition was curated by Ruth Claxton & Gavin Wade and a special thanks to Marlene Smith.

Here are three installation shots: Photographs by Stuart Whipps. Courtesy of the artist and Eastside Projects.