Mecca Medina

Mecca Medina sourounded by red and gold © Mahtab Hussain - The Quiet Town of Tipton

Last week I made the trip to Tipton as I had arranged to photograph and interview a few sitters towards my Multistory commission. The series is taking shape now and I have begun to explore interior details.

Making work in Tipton has been a different working experience to how I would normally work. In the past, I would meet people on the streets or in social settings to then engage and make work. These exchanges could take 2 minutes or even half a day, it really was dependent on the sitters time. In Tipton I have arranged many meetings with potential sitters over the phone with the kind help of key individuals in the town. It has meant that sometimes I knock on the doors of individual who I have never met before. Entering their homes I have been greeted with cups of tea and most recently chicken and spinach curry for lunch. It has been a real humbling experience engaging with the older generation and the portraits I am making are so powerful.

Here is an image I recently made at Mr Allah Ditta’s home a man in his 80’s who has lived in England since the 50’s. We had a great interview about his life and Mr Ditta also agreed to be photographed. His portrait along with some of his interview will be included in the book.